Cedevita Horeca

Cedevita at the Cafe

Sit at your favourite bar and share stories with friends over a dose of Cedevita.

6 different flavours
6 different flavours

Flavour Orange


Cedevita orange - For generations the most renowned and most beloved with the natural flavour of orange, so popular that its orange colour has become the trademark for Cedevita itself. Everybody will surely agree: Cedevita orange is “The Cedevita!”

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Flavour Lemon


Cedevita Lemon - The well known sweet and sour combination of flavours in Cedevita lemon is the best invigoration, but also a great, reliable source of vitamins throughout the year.

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Flavour grape


Cedevita Grapefruit - The rich bitter taste of grapefruit goes great with vitamins: Cedevita grapefruit gives you vivacity and energy for a great start to every new day.

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Flavour Lime


Cedevita Lime - Delicately sour, lime is not only an essential ingredient of popular cocktails - it can also be an excellent source of vitamins: we're talking about Cedevita lime, of course!

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Flavour Mint


Order a glass of new Cedevita and enjoy the double taste: the sourness of lemon is combined with the taste of mint that will give you an extra chill with every gulp!

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Flavour Elder


Cedevita Elder&Lemon - The sweet and mellow taste of elder flower, reminiscent of the sunny days of our childhoods, combined with a sharp note of lemon invites us to enjoy time in nature or on a cafe terrace.

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