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How could we best describe Cedevita?

Maybe we could begin with the fact that Cedevita is one of the most popular and most vital Croatian brands: present in Croatian homes for almost 50 years. Or we could focus on its excellent taste and natural flavours, its 9 essential vitamins in an optimal daily dose.

Maybe we could simply say: Cedevita multivitamin food supplement  is… part of our family.

Cedevita is for every occasion, every time of day, and every season. In fact, Cedevita is so much more: we can drink it alone, or share the joy with dear friends. We can enjoy it in our favourite bar, or carry with ourselves wherever we want as a handy source of invigoration. Cedevita is our spring of vitamins and vitality, and has been our choice for generations. Cedevita is fresh like a smile, joyful like a bright summer day, and good like the company of an old friend.

Cedevita is a part of Atlantic Grupa, a vertically integrated multinational company whose business activities incorporate R&D, production and distribution of fast moving consumer goods with simultaneous market presence in over 40 countries around the world.


Just as every good story, the story of Cedevita opens with once upon a time… So, once upon a time in the 1920's, on the same site where Cedevita’s headquarters stands today, stood the first factory that produced dietetic foodstuffs in Croatia: a branch of the Swiss Dr. A. Wander company - the same company that produced the Ovomaltine instant drink, one of the first international brands. It was a beginning of a rich tradition of dietetic foodstuff production under the highest standards of pharmaceutical quality. A tradition in which, one day, Cedevita will also fit perfectly.


The multivitamin granules of Cedevita, as we know it, were created in 1969, and mass production started a year later. It was developed at the well known pharmaceutical company Pliva, as a result of scientific research about the daily recommended intake of vitamins. At first Cedevita could be purchased only in glass bottle packed, together with dose dispenser, in a small cardboard box - it looked like medicine and was sold only in pharmacies!


Cedevita contained 9 vitamins from the very beginning, but its formula was never the same: it was perfected gradually. The composition and amount of the vitamins were always adjusted to the latest scientific discoveries. The tastes of Cedevita have their own story – the first generations could enjoy only one taste, Cedevita orange - the oldest and still the most popular taste of Cedevita. In 1984 Cedevita lemon was launched, and Cedevita grapefruit followed soon. From 1990 onwards, many additional Cedevita tastes were developed, together with Cedevita Kids orange and strawberry aimed at children, and Cedevita Light without sugar for diabetics and everyone who wants to reduce their daily sugar intake.


We remember Cedevita as the pure joy that left a mark on our childhood and adolescence. Surely it was due to the improved technology in its production, but also due to the emerging approach to marketing - Cedevita was the first brand that acknowledged how important is to communicate with its consumers. It's no wonder that some of the very first Croatian TV commercials were those made for Cedevita! In its ads and TV commercials Cedevita always placed emphasis on a healthy way of living and the fact that it is suitable for the whole family. Furthermore, TV commercials featured well-known Croatian athletes, musicians or entertainers, and jingles from those commercials are remembered to this day. Cedevita has always kept up with the newest kinds of promotion: it was among the first brands in Croatia that used billboards, mobile applications and Facebook for advertising. Packaging design plays an important role in Cedevita's brand development: from the popular brown plastic bottles in the 70's, to 1993 when the first Cedevita 1kg family pack was launched. Today we can find Cedevita in ergonomic packaging with a sleeve label and a special opening designed for easier dosage. or in special 19g sachets for use in bars and restaurants. The latest invention was Cedevita GO! - with its unique cap for preparing and enjoying Cedevita on the move.


Cedevita supports all kinds of events: charities, sports and health education, various cultural projects etc. Sponsoring sport is of key importance for Cedevita - that is the reason why Cedevita invested in the popular KK Cedevita basketball club. Cedevita also actively participates in the education of children and is always open for visits of students from elementary school who want to learn more about the Cedevita production process.


For a long time, the Cedevita brand was developed as a part of the Pliva pharmaceutical company's portfolio - but in July 2001 Cedevita turned a new page and became a part of the Atlantic Group. The new owner quickly recognised Cedevita's market potential, resulting in a strong expansion of production and sales. In 2003 Cedevita enters HORECA channel and starts a whole new era - even though Cedevita started as a home-based product, from then on it could be ordered outside of home, in favourite bars and restaurants. For that purpose new packaging was developed, with just enough vitamin granules for a dose of Cedevita. Cedevita's success is supported by its long-term popularity, especially among young consumers. One of the most popular products for this age group is definitely Cedevita GO! It was launched in 2009 as a pioneering step in a new "almost-ready-to-drink" kind of product in category of food supplement. Together with an innovative cap that doubles as a container for the multivitamin granules, Cedevita GO! contains in bottle Kala spring water as in convenient packaging.

Today more than 9,000 tons of Cedevita are produced every year, under strict ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP, FSSC 22000 standards of quality. Even though Cedevita is almost 50 years, researches show that it is perceived as a very dynamic and innovative brand, a brand that constantly changes for the better. Perhaps this is the reason why consumers place Cedevita among the five strongest brands in the region.

Always young and always new, Cedevita is here to stay.